09 Jun

Dubai is beautiful, and there are no doubts about that. But how should you live in Dubai? Are there any strict rules and regulations? Is there a way to dress? Is it possible to consume alcohol? If you want to travel to Dubai, is it important to know a few things beforehand? Well, it is better to focus on the following things if you don’t want to fall into trouble.

Think of the right time to travel

If you want to visit Dubai, try to visit from October to April. You can’t expect a great climate in Dubai because it is hot or hotter. However, if you visit in the months that we have mentioned, you might experience the winter season. In this season you can enjoy the perfect blue sky and a less stubborn climate. This is also the rainy season, but downpours can’t be expected in Dubai, however, by considering these tips, you have to fix a date.

Book in advance 

If you want to stay in hotels, you must book the hotels in advance. The reason to make an advance booking is that you will not be able to find rooms at the last minute. Since Dubai is becoming a popular travel destination, people are unlikely to stay back from visiting it. Within the months we mentioned you would be able to find nice places to visit and stay, so try to make the bookings beforehand. You must make the booking before 2-3 months so that you don’t have to worry in the last minute.

Check for flights before six months 

If you want to visit Dubai, you must look for flights before six months so that you will be able to find the cheapest seats. You should understand one thing, you don’t have to make the booking ahead of time, and it is not a must. But if you do this beforehand, you will be able to save a lot of money. If you can’t do book the tickets six months ahead of time, try to do it at least a month ahead.

Respect for Ramadan 

If you are planning to visit Dubai, you should understand more about Ramadan. It is one of the Holy months celebrated by Muslims, so you should respect it. There are different practices of fasting in this month, so you have to vigilant to understand it. You shouldn’t smoke, drink, or eat in public during Ramadan but it is only from sunrise to sunset. If you are not a Muslim, it is important for you to be aware of this.

Wear modest clothes 

When you are in Dubai, you must respect the culture followed by Muslims. When you are packing clothes for the vacation, you must pack the ones that are not over revealing. Women’s dress shouldn’t be tight, transparent, short, or flashy. And men’s shouldn’t walk without wearing a shirt. If you want to live in Dubai without any problems, you must follow these rules.

Seek permission when taking pictures 

Not only in Dubai but no matter where you are also shouldn’t you click pictures with strangers without seeking their permission? It will be uncomfortable for the stranger, and it might lead to severe problems that can even get you arrested. Also, you shouldn’t take pictures of Muslim women, government buildings, military installations, airports, and other places without permission.

Tipping is common 

Even though tipping is not expected, it has become a common practice to tip. In fact, many restaurants will add it to your bill. You don’t have to tip your taxi driver, but you might have to tip a buck or two to the luggage carriers and baggers.

Be cautious when you drink 

Even though you can consume alcohol in Dubai, there are certain rules for it. You can’t consume alcohol in public, given that it is legal. Drunken driving is not acceptable and prohibited, so you have to be aware of it.