30 May

We believe everyone has an interest or a strong will to travel to Rome. The history covers a lot about Rome, so how can you not witness it? Of course, it is one of the finest cities in the world. It has been in the picture since 2500 years, which means it has always been there. Rome had played a huge role in everything, including politics, culture, development, and power. The majestic city’s development has a lot to do with mythology and legends.

If you look at history, you might be in awe because the city has so much to do with history. The colossal Roman Empire started from this city and before that many Roman Casers and emperors have ruled the oldest city, which is Rome. Over time, the city became better and better, and it is still becoming better by improving as much as it could. In the development stage, so many religious building, monuments, and places were constructed. Thankfully, these constructions have now become tourist attractions. People around the world visit Rome to witness and enjoy these constructions. It is apparent why Rome has always been on the top tourist destination. However, you must be aware of the wonderful things to do and see in Rome if you are planning to visit the city!

The Colosseum

How can you not visit this iconic landmark if you are in Rome? This astounding structure is one of the most important landmarks, so missing this would make your tour incomplete. The construction was done in 70-80 AD, so imagine how old the building is, yet the beauty has wrinkles. It is mentioned that the place can handle 80,000 spectators so you can imagine the size.  The Roman Emperors held gladiator tournaments and other games in this building. This place is easily accessible for the tourist because of the metro station. If you want to get a closer at the marvelous finding, you must step inside and witness the beauty.

St. Peter’s Basilica

This is one of the highly recognized religious buildings around the world. Though it is a building for some people, the Christians consider it a holy place that shows the power of their religion. The followers of Christianity have a strong connection towards St. Peter’s Basilica. The beautifully designed religious building has the best architecture that gives a soft feeling to anyone who enjoys it. The front façade of the building is adorned with Apostles and Jesus. If you want to enjoy the divine architecture and design, you must visit the place. The reason as to why the building was named one of the beautiful buildings is crystal clear. If you allocate some time and enjoy and find details of the decoration, you’ll be dumbfounded. The architects would have been genius to design something beautiful as this! You shouldn’t return without climbing to the top because there’s more to the building.

The Pantheon

It is not possible to write and finish the list of things to see and do in Rome because there’s so many. How can there not be so many things to do and see when this is the oldest city? The Pantheon is one of the Roman buildings that were preserved for the world to see. This belongs to Rome’s best attractions. Emperor Hadrian in 118 AD constructed this. The former building that was in the site was a temple even though this mesmerizing beauty occupies the site, presently! This is one of the must-visit if you are in Rome and you are going to find a lot of exciting details of the building once you visit it.

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is home to many other ruins that were related to the Roman public. There were so many temples, arches, and squares which now remain as ruins. You can still see and enjoy the extraordinary beauty of these building if you visit Rome!